All weddings are co-created with YOU and officiated by me, Rev. Kay
Whether it is a short and simple wedding, a longer wedding with more parts or somewhere in between, there will be nothing basic or run-of-the-mill about your wedding.

I do not use, write or officiate cookie cutter weddings.  Even the most basic wedding will have a variation to reflect who you are as individuals and who you are becoming as a couple.

I will take the time to get to know you (and you me), what's important to you and through our conversations and questions find out how you want your wedding to be.  I listen beyond the words.  From this beginning, I will work with input from you to create the ceremony that will speak your words and hearts to each other and those present at your ceremony.

Whether you want a traditional, non-traditional or alternative wedding
A formal, informal or semi-formal wedding
An Interfaith, single faith, non-denominational, spiritual or civil wedding
and/or a wedding that honors and celebrates your cultural heritage or blending of two heritages- All is Possible!

I joyfully co-create and officiate wedding ceremonies for all loving and committed couples.  This includes same-sex weddings in New York and other states that recognize marriage equality.

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